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Memories of a Leamington lady transformed in a book of memoirs
Leamington Courier, 15 July 2011

Memoirs PresentationAnna Isaacs from Office Lifeline, presenting Irene Locker with her Memoirs, who had kept notes of her the events in ther life but her notebooks were stolen. She re-wrote them from memory and her daughter asked Office Lifeline to type them up for her so they were electronically recorded. The business then offered to compile them as a memoir.

A LEAMINGTON grandmother who survived a war, emigrated with a stranger to Canada and travelled extensively has had handwritten notes of memories transformed into a book of memoirs.

Irene Locker, who wanted to present her two sons and grandson with an insight into her life, had first only intended to have her jottings typed-up, but Beauchamp Avenue firm Office Lifeline suggested she have it turned into something more permanent and gift-worthy.

The 79-year-old said: “I never kept a diary, but about ten years ago I started writing down memories. It took a while to remember what I did and the memories didn’t come back in order. I don’t remember dates, but I remember years and people.

“I just thought, I have lots of friends who have lived and been in Leamington all their lives and never even travelled anywhere, whereas I have been to so many places and done a lot in my life. It made me think it was worth recording for my family. How many people know what their grandmother did in her life?”

Ms Locker, who now lives in Vincent Street in Leamington, grew up in Manchester and was seven years old when the Second World War began. Her memoirs include what she can recall of this time, while later sections cover her decision to emigrate to Canada aged 25.

She said: “I advertised for another girl to come with me and I ended up going with someone who I had never met before. But we stayed together for a long time.

“I suppose it was a brave thing to do in those days. We were afraid when we left, but we were together and we were young.” Ms Locker lived in Canada for 15 years, but kept on travelling during this time, including a three-month stint around Europe.

Office Lifeline’s director Anna Isaacs said: “Irene has remembered quite a lot - including all the interesting, juicy bits.

“We thought it would be nice to keep her memories together in a hardback book so that they’re more presentable. She can have any number of copies made so she can give them to friends and family.

“Some people want to write a book to publish, but some just want it for personal satisfaction.”

As well as the recently-introduced memoirs service, Office Lifeline offers virtual education, administrative services, publishing and can type up notes of any length.

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