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Offices are one of the places that must remain clean for the working environment to be excellent not only for the employees but also visitors to the office. A clean and well-organized office always leaves a good first impression to the visitors. Most of the waste that occurs in offices is usually papers, old furniture and some electronics that are recyclable hence making it possible to reduce the pollution effects. Office clearance companies have several ways to recycle materials that are not being used in the used office. Most environmental authorities have introduced measures that can be taken to minimize pollution into our environment and they include reusing or recycling our waste in offices.


As highlighted above, most of waste products in offices are papers. Papers are some of the easiest products to re use and there are two ways in which this can be achieved. The most common is setting up your printer to print on both sides or doing it manually for documents that are to be used internally I the office. It might be a simple action but printing both side of a page would reduce the amount of papers that are used in the office on a daily basis. The other option is pull printing, which it is quite expensive to install though it’s worth the investment. There are also printers that can achieve this without changing the structure of the paper which include; decoloring the ink; obscuring existing print; print removal by adhesion, ablation, abrasion or chemical processes.


This involves separating recyclable waste and disposing it off in an environmental friendly manner. It is always advisable to start an office clearance program that will help in the recycling process. Before you can start you will need to first figure out from the people that collect your office waste products what they recycle and what they do not. If your office clearance company does not have a recycling strategy in place you need to find another company and you can make use of Yellow pages, there are tones of companies listed that are environmental friendly. Sometimes implementing the program might also prove to be challenge in an office setting hence it is always advisable to start with the simple products such as papers then proceed to plastics and eventually to complex materials such as electronics. If you find that adopting the new recycling system is slow amongst the employees, then it is advisable you conduct an awareness campaign for the employees. The awareness should touch on financial cost and environmental benefits that come along with the new system that has been introduced.

Since most of the solid products in offices are recyclable, starting a recycling system in offices could reduce the negative environmental impact greatly. Through the recycling system you can also earn a little revenue for your company from products that are recycled and sold. Starting a recycling process may not be the easiest or cheapest thing to establish but once it is in place then it is quite advantageous and makes things easier for the company and a good way to ensure office clearance is effective and cheaper because most of the waste is managed internally.


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