Outsourcing Admin Tasks... Where to start?

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Admin TaskEven if you know that outsourcing your office admin makes good sense, the chances are you are not clear about where to start. Not all admin is equal. Discrete tasks are easier to delegate, whereas others may be more complex or lie at the heart of your business, making them more difficult to control and more risky to outsource.

Operational admin can cover a wide range of departmental activity, such as, Design, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Logistics and General Administration. With the power of the internet today, most admin tasks can be outsourced and delivered remotely, but the reality is that some tasks are better co-located with the operation they support. Such admin tasks tend to fall into 3 categories – basic, specialist and integral – and can be defined by their level of impact and key success factor.

1. Simple Admin Tasks

Quality of work is the key measure for simple tasks, which includes delivering on time. These tasks tend to revolve around documents or files and are low risk: you retain the original file, so if there’s a quality issue you can go elsewhere with little or no cost impact. Examples include:
  • Typing, document formatting and proof-reading
  • Producing presentations, newsletter and fliers
  • Web research, data gathering and To-Dos
  • Maintaining tracking spreadsheets.
Tasks such as telephone answering and booking appointments can also be categorised as "basic" because they are relatively simple, easy to monitor and are low risk, which is why many people use these tasks to test a new service provider.

2. Specialist Business Tasks

Impact is the most important measure for specialist tasks, because good quality work and achieving results can be quite different. Small businesses often outsource tasks requiring specialist skills, because they don’t have the expertise or the time to learn and do it themselves. Book Keeping has been a favourite for many years and is recently joined by Marketing, where specialist Virtual Assistants have now appeared with professional marketing and consulting backgrounds.



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