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Admin Outsourcing Partner Selection... Getting it right
Selecting the right admin outsourcing partner is tricky, and with a lot at stake your approach needs to be more "professional assessment & evaluation" than “quote & hope.”
Outsourcing Admin Tasks... Where to start?
Even if you know that outsourcing admin makes good sense, you may not be clear about where to start. This article explores the different types of admin and where best to start.
Virtual Assistants Can Benefit Large Companies Too
Virtual Assistants do not just work for individuals and small businesses, well equipped VAs are finding a niche in outsourced admin services for large organisations too.
Maternity Leave Cover Using A Virtual Assistant
When faced with maternity leave, managers often use Temps or short term contract hires. In this article, we explore why a Virtual Assistant might be the ideal option.
Virtual Temps are more flexible, more productive
Company managers now have a new resourcing option. This article examines how Virtual Temps are replacing traditional Temps to provide short and long term office cover.

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